Municipal Election

This February, Chicago will elect the city’s next mayor, city treasurer, city clerk, and 50 aldermen. Some parts of town will also vote on important ballot measures. Many races, like the mayor’s race, are quite competitive. Here’s how you can engage with the process:


About the electionS

What are these elections all about? What are the key issues? These questions—and more—answered. Click for an overview and links to additional resources and voter guides.


what are the positions and who is running?

Who are the mayoral candidates? What do the city clerk and treasurer do? Learn about the positions and the candidates running for mayor, city treasurer, city clerk, and alderman.

how, when, & where to vote

The first round of voting will take place on Tuesday, February 26. A runoff for the mayor’s race—and likely others—is all but assured. That runoff is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2.

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