City Clerk Race


The Victor


Anna Valencia (Incumbent)

Won in an uncontested race.

City Clerk of Chicago (2016 - present)

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The Office

What does the City Clerk do?


The Office

The City Clerk of Chicago is responsible for keeping official city records and documents and for making them accessible to the public. One of three city-wide positions (alongside the mayor and treasurer), the city clerk is key to government transparency efforts. The clerk also issues city vehicle stickers, residential parking permits, and automatic amusement device (i.e. slot machines, jukeboxes) licenses.


What else?

To run for City Clerk, one must reside in the municipality for one year before the election and submit nomination papers with at least 12,500 petition signatures. Should no candidate receive at least 50% of the vote, a runoff will be held between the top 2 vote-getting candidates.